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At Alpha Granite we are able to provide our slab suppliers as well as other fabricators the resurfacing of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Engineered Stone and Concrete Slabs. We recognize that there are situations that slabs can get damaged during transportation and in many cases the value of the slab calls for the added cost of repairing the surface of the material. Additionally customers may request that the surface of the slabs be modified to a different finish such as:


Polished: This is the standard factory finish for most granites and marbles. A polished surface is glossy and highly reflective and the least porous of the finishes available. Polished marbles can be etched with many household acids and cleaners. We can polish (or re-polish) your slabs or pieces (minimum size of 2'x3'). We can NOT polish tiles.


Honed: Honing produces a smooth, matte finish and mutes the color of the stone considerably. Honing a polished material opens the pores of the stone, making it more susceptible to staining than the same material in a polished finish. A color enhancing sealer is available and may be used to restore the color (if desired).


Leathered: Leathering starts with a honed surface and adds texture. Additionally, it closes the pores of the stone (compared to honing) and retains the color better than honing. A leathered finish has a soft sheen but is not as reflective as a polished surface. The amount of texture produced varies from stone to stone and some extremely uniform stones will not leather at all. On a very dark material, such as Absolute Black granite, leathering is preferred to honing because the resulting finish is very uniform, preserves the majority of the stone's color, and is much easier to maintain than a porous honed surface.


Caressed: Imagine a Leather finish with a high polish and luxurious, saturated color. After Leathering "digs" out the softer areas of the stone, the Caress process then polishes the high spots of the slab and leaves the lower areas to a "high hone" similar to the Leather finish. Caress finish gives a lustrous look to the softer Leather finish and is an excellent choice for any application other than exterior paving subject to wet, slippery conditions. We can NOT caress tiles.


Textured Water-Blast Finish: The granite is first sandblasted and then treated with special abrasives to create a non-reflective, slightly textured but smooth surface which brings out the natural beauty and colour of the granite. This is a harder-wearing surface than either honed or leather finishes.